• School Messenger Getting Started Guide

    by Margaret Griffith
    This guide will help you learn your way around your SchoolMessenger system so that you can easily broadcast your message out to hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of people.
    The intent of this training guide is to equip new users with the primary skills required to quickly and confidently send notification Broadcasts. This guide is not intended to cover every feature of the product. More advanced system features are spotlighted along with references to the online help section where they are covered in greater depth.
    Getting_Started.pdf 454.14 KB (Last Modified on August 16, 2012)
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  • School Messenger Quick Start

    by Margaret Griffith
    If you’re a new user it’s very important to set up a few basic account settings before sending notifications. Performing the simple one-time setup below will make learning the system and sending notifications quick and easy. Just follow the step-by-step instructions below to configure your account preferences, create a test list and send your first call.
    Quick_Start_for_New_Users.pdf 89.74 KB (Last Modified on August 16, 2012)
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  • Teacher Gradebook Manual

    by Margaret Griffith
    Quick guide to gradebook tasks such as:
    Taking Attendance
    Creating Seating Charts
    Creating Assignments
    Handling Grade Adjustments
    Handling New Students and Transfer Grades
    Printing Rosters
    Secondary Gradebook.pdf 1.91 MB (Last Modified on August 16, 2012)
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  • What are the campus names and TEA numbers

    by Margaret Griffith
    For a list of current campuses and TEA numbers, please review the file below.
    Entity Names TEA Numbers.pdf 12.36 KB (Last Modified on August 10, 2012)
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  • Gradebook How to: Prevent "holes" & transfer grades for students with schedule changes

    by Margaret Griffith

    Who:               Teachers can follow this document when they get a student who has been enrolled in another class and has grades that need to be brought into their gradebook.


    Principals/Administrators can follow this document to see grade differences in Teacher's Gradebooks and approve any change requests that have been made and are pending.


    When:              Use this documentation at the end of each grading period.


    Why:               Students' grades will not average properly if grades are not all in the same grade book.  When a student begins the year in one class, has grades and then moves to the next class, those grades need to be moved along with the student so that the student's average accurately reflects this student's work.


    Student's Report Cards will be inaccurate as well as Transcripts.  End of the Year labels that are affixed to the AAR will also not be correct.


    Once complete, the PEIMS Clerks can then run reports such as cards and transcript labels.

    Transferred Grades and Grade Change Requests.pdf 1.35 MB (Last Modified on June 8, 2012)
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