James Bowie Elementary

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Speech Therapy

  • My name is Alison Zacharias, M.S., CCC-SLP.  I am the Speech Pathologist  on campus.  I have worked in GPISD for 11 years.  This is my third year at Bowie Elementary. I would like to tell you more information about the speech therapy program and how children become eligible to come to speech therapy at school.

    School-based speech therapy services fall under the category of Special Education. Students who come to speech therapy are those who have been tested for Special Education services and have qualified to come to Speech therapy because they exhibit one of the following speech impairments: Articulation Disorders, Language Disorders, Fluency Disorders, or Voice Disorders.

    Articulation disorders occur when a student cannot say sounds in words correctly. Language disorders occur when a student has vocabulary or grammar skills that are lower than his same aged peers.

    Fluency disorders occur when a child stutters when they talk.  Voice disorders occur when a student’s voice sounds hoarse or raspy when speaking.

    If you are concerned that your child may have a speech disorder, please talk with your child’s teacher to see if they are having difficulty communicating in the classroom.  If the teacher does see a concern that speech difficulties are effecting your child’s ability to learn, the classroom teacher will take proper steps in referring your child for RTI speech interventions.  If RTI interventions are unsuccessful, Special Education testing may be requested to determine if your child qualifies for Special Education speech therapy services.

    If you have any other questions about speech therapy services, please feel free to contact me at Bowie.

    Mrs. Zacharias