Global Leadership Academy at Barbara Bush Elementary

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  • Our Mission

    To provide a positive, safe, supportive environment where students succeed in learning. Engaging lessons will enable our students to become life-long problem solvers.

    About Our School

    Barbara Bush Elementary opened in August 1997 with a projected enrollment of 425 students. When the doors opened to our brand new school, nearly 660 students enrolled! Each year Barbara Bush Elementary has held over 600 students who have been challenged to meet high academic behavioral expectations!

    Barbara Bush Elementary students, parents, and staff celebrate their multicultural diversity. According to recent statistics, our ethnic distribution is African-American - 11.76%, Hispanic - 58.8%, White - 22.8%, Asian - 5.49%, and Native-American - 1.1%. Fifty nine point eight percent (59.8%) of our students qualify for the free and reduced lunch program. The mobility rate is 20.4% and 23.7% of our students are Limited English Proficient.

    Barbara Bush Elementary has established a strong set of beliefs. We pride ourselves in providing a warm, enthusiastic and caring learning environment. Our high expectations for academic achievement and responsible behavior empower students to become independent and responsible lifelong learners.

Our Namesake

  • Barbara Bush Elementary was named after Former First Lady Barbara Pierce Bush. When the school opened, students began learning and reading about Mrs. Bush. Several books written about her life, her autobiography, and Millie's Book: As Dictated to Barbara Bush, are located in the school's library.

    April 15, 1999, was a very special day for students and faculty, as "everybody's grandma" came for a visit. Mrs. Bush spent about an hour touring the building. Everyone moved into the cafeteria, where Mrs. Bush was presented with many gifts from the school and student body. There was a student led cheer, songs performed by the Dynamic Dolphin choir, an ABC book featuring the life of Mrs. Bush, and a quilt made with illustrations of "Our Favorite Books" at Barbara Bush.

Barbara Pierce Bush

Barbara Bush

School of Choice

  • The Global Leadership Academy at Barbara Bush Elementary provides an environment which promotes global leadership skills and positive character traits through Project Based Learning. Students become agents of change in the community by participating in vertically aligned projects. Students become productive citizens as they find their voice and assume active roles in solving community problems. Bush works to produce students who integrate diverse educational experiences and perspectives into all aspects of learning.