Global Leadership Academy at Barbara Bush Elementary

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 Michelle Tredmeyer

Phone: 972.522.6732


Degrees and Certifications:

Michelle Tredmeyer

Hello, I’m Michelle Tredmeyer – the Inclusion Strategist (K-5th grade) at Barbara Bush Elementary. To begin,
I must say, “It’s a fact! I love my job!”   As a certified K-12th Special Ed teacher, I have committed my 
years of teaching to students who require research-based tools, strategies, and more - in order to assist
with making a difficult process easier to tackle. Partnering with children, teachers, administration, and 
parents sets up social, emotional and academic success for students. This is my goal daily.

What will assist in impacting your child educationally… 
- Help your child realize that he/she is responsible for his or her own learning.

- Be involved with school and ask teachers how you can help.

- Closely monitor your child’s grades.

- Make sure homework is completed and on time.

- Read and follow-up on all information that comes home or is posted on the school’s website.

- Attend opportunities for parent education and follow through at home.

- Ensure that your child attends tutoring sessions.

- Set a goal to help your student strive for outstanding attendance and zero tardies.

- Provide a quiet place each evening for a child to do his or her homework.

- Listen to your child read a ‘just right’ book, read to your child, and model independent reading.