Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary

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2nd Grade

  • Our goal is to prepare our students for life's choices and challenges. We will maintain high expectations and challenge students to learn, grow, and achieve to each student's highest possible potential. We will enhance the learning process by fostering an atmosphere of respect, love and dignity.

    During the year we will teach our second graders to implement strategies related to problem-solving in math. We will extend their educational experience by focusing on increasing fluency and strengthening reading comprehension skills. Second grade is a year of transition in which the students will become more independent thinkers and learners. This will enable them to have the skills needed to achieve success as they move through the upper grades.

    Teachers                                                                                          Second Grade Team

    Sidra Clark

    Dalia Dominguez

    Susan Espino

    Anna Johnson

    Xavier Moreno

    Sol Roman

    Mauricio Valdovinos