Florence Hill Elementary

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Speech and Language Services




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Speech and Language Services
Speech-Language Therapy encompasses a wide array of communication disorders. Therapy will focus on remediation of articulation, language, fluency or voice disorders.

Children receiving articulation therapy are taught the motor component of speech and speech sounds. Correct speech sounds are practiced in therapy and reinforced through homework. Homework should be signed by a parent or another family member (grandparents, siblings, etc.) after that person has practiced sounds with the child.

Children with language disorders may have difficulty understanding concepts being presented in the classroom and/or expressing themselves. Language therapy focuses on strengthening the child’s receptive and expressive language skills to ensure success in the classroom.

Children who are seen for fluency or stuttering disorders experience an abnormally high frequency and/or duration of stoppages in speech. Different strategies or techniques are taught to help the child have smoother, more fluent speech.

Voice Disorders
Children with voice disorders may experience disturbances in pitch, loudness, or quality of voice. These children learn strategies to improve the quality of their voice.