Florence Hill Elementary

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 Briana Evans

Phone: 972.522.6807

Email: Briana.Evans@gpisd.org

Degrees and Certifications:

Briana Evans

My name is Briana Evans, and I am the educational diagnostician for Florence Hill Elementary and Whitt Fine Arts Academy. This is my 5th year as a diagnostician and my 7th year in education. I have experience working with children with many different types of disabilities, including Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, and Learning Disabilities. I have my Master of Education Degree in Special Education and Bachelor of Liberal Studies with an Emphasis in Elementary Education. My passion is advocating and supporting children and their families, while maintaining healthy and cooperative relationships between staff members, teachers, service providers, administrators, and parents.

Educational Diagnosticians have many roles in the public school system. The primary role of the educational diagnostician is to assess and identify students with Learning Disabilities, Autism, Other Health Impairments, or other disabilities. Diagnosticians are also key support personnel who consult with teachers, parents, and others on the child's educational plan. We assess students, evaluate components of the assessments, and then assist with the planning of an appropriate program for that student. Once the assessment is complete, the diagnostician determines if the child meets the criteria as a student with a disability according to Texas Education Agency (TEA) regulations in accordance with the Intellectuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), and if that student therefore requires special education services under Title I or special education. After the determination is made, the educational diagnostician, who also serves as the case manager, schedules and assists in an Admission, Review, or Dismissal (ARD) Meeting to develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for the student.