Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy

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    Marshall Leadership Academy develops tomorrow's leaders through strong academics, rigorous instruction and loving relationships.  We foster successful achievers who are confident in their abilities to create a vision, seek to positively influence, work in service and strive to develop the vision in cooperation with others and our school community.


    We empower students with the academic and leadership skills for their present and future success. 

    About Our School

    Marshall Leadership Academy is a PreK-5th grade campus specializing in teaching basic leadership principles to students.  Currently we have 617 students enrolled for the 2015-2016 school year. Marshall is currently in its fourth year as a Grand Prairie School of Choice.

    • All students are given leadership roles 
    • Students are provided authentic opportunities within their classroom, school, and community to apply leadership principles.
    • Students create and maintain a Data Portfolio to track and enhance their individual achievements.
    • Grades 3-5 Student Council 
    • Service projects throughout the year
    • Leadership Day showcasing the many career paths for students
    • Inaugural Ball following student body elections
    • Environmental Stewardship leaders
    • Student designed clubs
    • Student led Broadcast System
    • Student Jobs (i.e. Safety Patrol, Greeter, Library Leader, etc.)
    • One-Way Dual Language program Pre K - 5th 
    • Tuition 4-year old Preschool program
    • Enrichment Classes for Parents
    • Family Involvement Nights
    • Comprehensive Mentoring program
    • Various Partnerships with Dubiski Career High School Students and Staff
    • Bridges Lab

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