Lee Elementary

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Functional Skills

  • Functional Skills classroom instruction focuses on functional academics, community based instruction, and personal health. In addition to providing a modified curriculum for students in functional skill classes, this instructional arrangement is designed to foster the age-appropriate inclusion of students into some instructional and non-instructional school activities. Goal for inclusion of these students may include growth in social/emotional skills, improved daily living skills, and increased academic skills.

    The Functional Skills program utilizes the Edmark Reading Program and the Touch Math system to introduce early reading and math skills. Each student works at his/her own pace and learning ability. Science and Social Studies lessons are given as group instruction in the Functional Skills classroom with some science lesson in regular education classrooms. All students are included into their regular education classes for extra-curricular activities.


    Melissa Hunter, K-3

    Functional Skills

    Vanessa RobledoLaura Sims, Silvia Mercado 4-5