David Daniels Elementary Academy of Math and Science

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Our History

  • In the early 1920’s, before the building of the first Dalworth school, area children attended classes in the Masonic Lodge located at the county line of Grand Prairie.

    Marjorie Harrison and Romie Hill, petitioned the Dallas County School trustees to build a school closer to the area after a child was injured. That injury resulted in the loss of a foot. The petition was approved and our first school was built on the corner of 19th and Beaumont Street.

    Sheridan and Glasco Talley were the first graduates of Dalworth in 1927. If the students were to continue their education past the 7th grade, they rode a street car or a bus to Dallas to attend Booker T. Washington High School.

    Glasco Talley, one of the first students to graduate from Dalworth, completed high school and college and returned to Dalworth to become one of the first instructors.

    In 1939, David Daniels was named head teacher and principal. There was an enrollment of 21 students and 2 adults. The two adults were enrolled in a special adult class.

    In 1942, Grand Prairie School Board president, G. W. Spikes, donated 5 acres of land south of Sherman Street for a larger school. In 1955, Dalworth expanded from an elementary school to include high school. The following year, 1956, Dalworth High had its first graduating class, with 5 seniors.

    In 1966, Dalworth once again became an elementary school. It was one of the most promising elementary schools in the Grand Prairie Independent School system. The school was renamed for David Daniels in 1994. A new school was built in 2000, David Daniels Academy. An honorary “wall of fame” exists in the foyer to recognize former students and community supporters.

    The old Dalworth High School building was demolished in December, 2001.

School of Choice

  • Daniels Elementary Academy of Science and Math is located in the heart of the historic Dalworth Community of Grand Prairie.  Building on a long tradition of academic excellence, Daniels Academy is once again transforming itself to meet the current and future needs of our students.  Daniels' science and math programs are geared to prepare our students for college success with promising futures in careers that are largely centered around the subjects of math and science.   With an active science lab, innovative math instruction, interactive partnerships with area organizations and the incorporation of technology, we are growing future mathematicians and scientists.

    In addition to our math and science instruction, we are actively preparing our students for college at each grade level.  Our goal is to equip our students with the knowledge and skills to compete globally in the academic world.  We invite you to schedule a tour of our instructional programs and be wowed as you see the possibilities that Daniels Elementary Academy of Science and Math has to offer.