Shannon Regalzi

Phone: 972-343-4610


Degrees and Certifications:

Texas Woman's University (Bachelor in Mass Communications) Amberton University (Masters in School Counseling)

Shannon Regalzi

I am very pleased to be your School Counselor for all grades at Austin Environmental Science Academy.  I really enjoy working with the students, teachers and parents of Austin to help make this school the wonderful place to learn that it is.  I have been in education for 12 years.

I love being a school counselor because it gives me the opportunity to work with many children and their families on important skills. I truly believe it is vital for the adults of the future to learn how to communicate and get along with each other and to solve difficult problems without violence. As I work with our students, I hope to be touching the future in a positive way.

I organize and support several events throughout the school year such as: Red Ribbon Week, College Week, Career Fair, Bullying Prevention, Character Trait of the Month, and several others. 

Students can be referred to brief small group counseling and brief individual counseling by a parent or teacher depending on availability.  Students who have personal issues can also request to speak with me themselves.  Student Referrals are available outside my office.  Parents and/or Guardians can give me a call (972-343-4610) or e-mail me ( to discuss any issue.  


What does the school counselor do?

Counseling is a helping process in which the school counselor provides a safe, nurturing environment to foster a trusting relationship with students.  In this confidential relationship, students can explore their feelings and experiences in hopes of finding a meaningful, positive solution to their personal issues.  The school counselor can help students grow socially and emotionally by providing a listening ear and by teaching skills such as: understanding and managing feelings, solving problems, making friends, and more. 


How do I work with students?

  • Classroom Guidance- The counselor goes into the classrooms to teach knowledge; skills and attitudes that will help students reach their full potential in the areas of academic, career and personal/social development.
  • Individual Mini-Meetings- The counselor consults with each student for a brief meeting, not to exceed 5 minutes, to gain insight on their academic, career, and personal/social needs.
  • Small Group Counseling- The counselor works with students in smaller group settings to address specific areas of concern.Group availability is selected by the counselor based on amount of need. If group is unavailable, the counselor can work with a student individually.
  • Individual Counseling- The counselor meets with individual students to help solve problems that are interfering with their learning and sense of well-being.
  • Parent and Teacher Consultation- The counselor meets with parents and/or teachers regarding issues with students.
  • Responsive Services- Includes crisis intervention, consultation, collaboration, and conflict resolution.

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