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    Statement of Purpose
    Stephen F. Austin Elementary is dedicated to providing a quality education for every student at our school. We are committed to preparing our students to become productive, thinking members of society through engaging learning experiences that demonstrate respect and provide meaningful opportunities to them to think critically and problem solve. To accomplish this objective, we will develop and maintain partnerships with parents and community members. Each student will benefit from supportive, active involvement of all members of the population through the facilitation of positive connections between home and school. By opening these lines of communication, we will best be able to support students while increasing and enhancing learning opportunities for everyone to be involved.

    At Austin, all students will be expected to work toward mastery of grade level learning objectives and goals. Students will be provided support through Title I funded programs and services. Instruction and interventions will be tailored to meet the needs of individual students.

    Stephen F. Austin Elementary seeks to include all parents in all aspects of the Title I program. Students will be provided every opportunity for success through the development and enhancement of the home/school partnership.

    Title I and the Law
    The purpose of Title I is to improve the basic programs of Stephen F. Austin Elementary and to provide opportunities for our children to acquire the knowledge and skills contained in the state’s content standards (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) as well as meet the state performance standards as assessed on the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR). The most recent law affecting Title I is the No Child Left Behind Act (Public Law 107-110). The law requires:

    • That schools have a written policy regarding parental involvement;
    • That parents be involved in the design, operation, and evaluation of Title I programs;
    • That parents be consulted about home/school activities and be provided opportunities to learn how to help their children in school;
    • That whenever possible, activities or communication be presented in the language spoken by the majority of the Title I parents. Schools receiving Title I, Part A funds must implement programs, activities, and procedures for the involvement of parents in the Title I program. A written parent involvement policy must be collaboratively developed with the school’s stakeholders and distributed to parents. Parental involvement is a requirement as one of the ten components of a school-wide Title I program.

    Parent Involvement in Developing the Policy
    Austin Elementary will actively recruit parent participation through various avenues of publicity including, but not limited to, posting the notice for the Campus Improvement Council (CIC) Meetings, noting the CIC meetings on the school calendar, posting the CIC meeting dates on the school website, etc. Participation will intend to include a diverse parent population.

    Meetings will be planned at convenient time and locations with consideration taken for all parties concerned.

    Meetings for Title I Parents
    Stephen F. Austin Elementary will hold two meetings for parents each school year. Parents will be informed of new Title I guidelines and the variations from the previous school year’s program. Copies of the district’s current Parent Involvement Policy will be distributed. Parents will be encouraged to become involved in the revising and updating of the policy as necessary. Volunteers will be recruited for the district-wide campus advisory committees.

    Austin Elementary will hold various meetings that will meet the diverse needs of the community. These meeting opportunities will include, but are not limited, Adult ESL classes, computer classes, family academic nights, STAAR information nights, Fine arts programs, open house, etc. Publicity of such meetings will be made in order to attract as many parents as possible.

    Austin Elementary has formed a Campus Improvement Council (CIC) to design and develop our parent involvement policies.

    School-Parent Compact
    In accordance with Title I regulations, each school must develop a parent-students compact with the parents of students participating in the program. This compact will enable the school and parents to share responsibility for student academic performance and success.

    The compact must explain how students, parents, and staff will share responsibility for students’ academic performance and success. Members of the school’s CIC will collaborate in the design and implementation of the compact.

    All parents will be provided a copy of the compact detailing the responsibilities that teachers, parents, and students have in helping students accomplish their goals. The responsibilities of students will vary according to grade level.

    Parent and student signatures will not be required, however, parents are encouraged to discuss the contents of the compact with their child’s classroom teacher and child.

    Types of Parent Involvement
    Stephen F. Austin Elementary will support many varied ways of parental involvement as it strives to develop and maintain an optimum learning environment for all students. Parents may contribute through volunteering at the school as well as creating a supportive home atmosphere. The community may participate through an array of activities that promote student success which may include parent/teacher conferences, Open House, Campus Improvement Council meetings, Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings and activities, adult ESL classes, adult Computer classes, HIPPY program, fine arts programs, parent academic and social workshops, STAAR information nights, school events, etc. An effort will be made to ensure that parent involvement activities are best suited to meet the individual needs of everyone involved.

    Programs that Meet Community Needs
    The school’s stakeholders will be included in the design, development, and implementation of the Title I program through the facilitation of the CIC. Parents’ and students’ needs will be assessed through survey questionnaires, conferences, and other measures targeted at creating a successful school environment.

    Workshops and programs will be tailored to meet the unique student and parental needs of the community. Parents will be informed of involvement activities through the school office and classroom teachers.

    The school will welcome and promote parental suggestions.

    Staff and Parent Communication
    Parents will be welcomed through various avenues of communication throughout the school year. Phone calls, Tuesday packets, newsletters, the campus web site, emails, conferences, letters and notes, report cards, 4th and 5th grade agendas, school calendars, and daily calendars in PK-2 nd grade will be utilized to establish and maintain an open line of communication.

    All staff members will be trained in techniques that promote positive communication and social interaction with colleagues, students, parents, and the community.

    The parent involvement policy will be revisited and assessed for its effectiveness annually. Suggestions for improvement will be solicited by stakeholders in the school’s community. The evaluation procedure will include the use of a survey that is paperbased and located on the school web site. The policy will be revised annually based on the feedback provided and conclusions drawn by the CIC.