Student ID Policy

  • Students must wear their school-issued ID at all times,  per GPISD dress code. 

    The Student Conduct Code States:
    "Students are provided with a Student I.D. free of charge. Students are required to wear their I.D. card. Failure to cooperate will result in disciplinary action. Replacement I.D.’s are available at a cost of $2.00, which includes a lanyard. I.D. cards are required for participation in school events and for library use, lunch, etc."
    Students not wearing an ID or a temporary ID will be receive the same consequence as a student who is not in compliance with the GPISD Dress Code.  Each student will be issued a Student ID at the beginning of the school year, or upon enrollment.  If the student leaves his student ID at home, he or she must obtain a temporary ID from their first period teacher in the morning. If a student does not bring their ID 5 times they will be assigned a teacher detention.

    Replacement Price: 

                           New ID: $2.00

                   New Lanyard: $1.00