Counseling Services

  • Schedule Change Information

    Schedule change requests must be made within the first 10 days of school (August 15th through August 26th) and will only be made for the following reasons:

    • Academic misplacement - placed in the wrong level of a class (Advanced vs On-Level).
    • Placed in a class without meeting the Pre-requisite (placed in Animation 2 without having Animation 1)
    • Program Change - accepted into a Pathway or no longer enrolled in a Pathway
    • Missing an academic class - missing a course necessary to graduate
    • Course balancing - to avoid overcrowded classes

    Completion of this request DOES NOT GUARANTEE a schedule change. Please FOLLOW YOUR CURRENT SCHEDULE until you are notified of an update in Skyward. Please allow up to 3 school days for requests to be processed and CHECK YOUR EMAIL FOR A RESPONSE.

    Students will be notified regarding schedule change decisions within 72 hours.

    Submit a schedule change request here.

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  • Mission Statement  

    We deliver an all-inclusive counseling program that offers every student the opportunity to attain optimal results in academia, supports their social and emotional development, and shepherds them on a path towards college and career exploration.

    Vision Statement

    To equip students with the tools necessary to navigate an ever-changing global society by fostering their desire to pursue lifelong academic, cultural, social-emotional, and technological awareness that extends far beyond the high school experience.

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  • Contact Your Counselor

    Use these links to submit a counselor request form to your counselor.  

    Kaci Bunnell (A-Cam)

    Yolanda Sampson (Caro-Esq)

    Blanca Soria (Ess-Hen)

    Joyce Kinney (Her-Lon)

    Kristina Sanders (Lop-Mo)

    Evetta McGriff (Mt-Ran) 

    Maria Solano (Rao-Sta)

    Dr. Taryn Henton (Ste-Z)



    Regina Williams, Early College 






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