About Our School

  • Mission Statement
    The mission of Whitt Fine Arts Academy is to open the eyes of our Kinder-5th grade students to the Radio/TV/Film fine arts strand by channeling their unique skills and talents through an integrated academic and arts program which focuses on a whole-person developmental approach to learning in unison with high academic and artistic standards.

    At the Whitt Fine Arts Academy, students are challenged daily with expectations to be active academic problem-solvers so they can be productive members of the twenty-first century. Students are provided with a safe, nurturing and engaging learning environment where they become creative inquirers and communicators. Through collaboration with parents and community partnerships, we leverage available resources to offer students engaging learning experiences that promote college readiness standards. Student work focuses on application of these concepts which results in the creation of meaningful, rigorous and relevant learning experiences. Furthermore, our staff ensures that the school environment is a place where children feel safe and secure. We work diligently to provide positive relationships to forge strong bonds between parents, students and staff.