School Procedures

  • Hallway

    • Walk in one line on right side.
    • No talking for students.
    • Hands behind back when walking without supplies.
    • Stand in one square.
    • Don't lean on walls.
    • Eyes forward.
    • No gaps in line.
    • Stop at corners.

    hands (behind) 
    feet (in square)
    head (eyes forward)

    Students will:

    • cross the street in one straight line
    • slide down the slide, not up
    • swing back and forth
    • not climb, lean, or hop over or under the fence
    • not play on the hill
    • not touch rocks
    • stay out of garden area during recess
    • line up immediately when whistle is blown



    • 1 student at a time per toilet in restroom.
    • Others will line up in hall.



    • Stand in a square while waiting in a quiet line for your tray and while waiting for your teacher's arrival.
    • Speak only in a quiet voice.
    • Pick up after yourself.
    • No food leaves the cafeteria (unless it came from home).
    • Teacher assigned jobs (exce[t Kinder)- 1 student to wipe the tables/seats, 1 student to stack and deliver trays to dish window.


    • Once every student in your class is standing, pick up your tray, check around your area, and one-at-a-time go throw unused food.
    • Silently stand up in designated spot, facing forward, hands behind back.