The goal of Austin’s AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program will be for our at-risk students in grades 3 -5 to challenge themselves daily with a rigorous curriculum provided by the district/campus, be required to join school activities in a positive manner while making preparation to achieve the goal of going to college. The potential AVID student will attend school regularly, come prepared for class, be self-motivated, have a willing and positive attitude to work hard.

    The mission of AVID’s program is to ensure all students will:

    • Demonstrate Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading Skills
    • Utilize organization skills
    • Develop student success skills
    • Successfully make the transition to middle school

    AVID is not just another program
    at its heart,AVID is a philosophyHold students accountable to the highest standards,
        provide academic and social support,
     and they will rise to the challenge.





    • Improve students academic record
    • Make students college ready
    • Produce strong writers and readers
    • Promote critical thinkers
    • Collaborate with groups
    • Building leaders