Health Services

  • Health Services Overview

    You may ask yourself what is Health Services? This presentation is a quick glimpse of some of the basic functions of Health Services in our district. This presentation is limited and does not include all functions related to this department and the information provided is for educational purposes only. If you have any questions related to Health Services, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our department administrators.

    Health Services Presentation


    GPISD nurses and health clerks provide service to over 29,000 students as well as numerous employees.  School nurses provide a critical role in the education of students by promoting health as well as providing direct care.  Some services provided by the nurses:

    • Medication administration
    • Minor and emergency care
    • Diabetes treatment
    • Asthma treatment
    • Pregnancy monitoring/education
    • Health education
    • Crisis management
    • Vision, hearing and Type 2 Diabetes screenings
    • Monitoring ozone action days
    • Blood-borne pathogen training
    • CPR training

    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to support maximum learning potential by addressing minor and major health needs through assessment, treatment, education, and prevention.

    Vision Statement

    Our vision is for each child to experience optimal health, contributing to daily optimal learning experiences, therefore promoting their optimal potential.

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  • Please keep the school informed of any changes in your child's health or new medical conditions so we can best serve your child.

    Wellness Evaluations

    We will be conducting Vision, Hearing, height and weight evaluations on grade levels Pre-KG, KG, 1st, 3rd, 5th grades and also new students throughout the year. If we feel there is a need for further evaluation, you will receive written notification and if it is normal there will not be notification.

    Sick Policy

    The Board of Education requires that students be present every day. Occasionally though a student may need to be absent from school due to illness, etc.

    If your child has been ill and running a fever, or vomiting, and or have diarrhea, we ask that they be fever free, not vomiting and no diarrhea without medication for 24 hours before they return to school. If they are being treated for an infection, they must take the antibiotic for at least 24 hours before returning to school. **After 3 days, a doctor note will need to be provided, and each day your child is out you should call the attendance clerk. **

    Allergy and Anaphylaxis Action Plan

    The state requires that every child in school that has an Epi-pen or a severe allergy have an Action Plan in place. The Allergy and Anaphylaxis Action Plan is completed by the child's doctor. Every returning child prescribed an Epi-pen should have one completed and turned in the clinic. If your child has and epi-pen and did not receive a form to complete by the doctor please contact me.


    In accordance to state law and district policy, children are not allowed to take any medication, prescription or non-prescription without a doctor's order. If your child does need to take medication in school, we will need a doctor's order, the parent’s permission to medicate, and the medication in the original container labeled by the pharmacy. A medication order from a doctor is effective only for one current school year; therefore, a new order is necessary for each new school year. Students found to have prescription or non-prescription medicine in their possession will have the medicine taken from them and their parents will be contacted this includes cough drops. Please contact me if you need more information or if you need a new form for your student.

    GPISD Health Services –Nurse mission:

    “Our mission is to support maximum learning potential by addressing minor and major health needs through assessment, treatment, education, and prevention.” Please visit our website for more information at