Leavers and Underreported


    The purpose of this policies and procedures manual is to provide guidance and direction to District personnel charged with the maintenance and accuracy of student withdrawal records. These are designed in accordance with the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook and PEIMS Leaver Data Requirements.


    Schools must document the withdrawal of students in grades EE-12 and maintain on file the appropriate paperwork associated with student withdrawals. Documentation is required to support all leaver and mover reason codes.

    Leavers are students who were served in grades 7 – 12 during the prior school year, but have not enrolled in the district during the current school year. Leavers include

    • graduates,
    • students who died,
    • students who return to their home country
    • students who leave for home schooling,
    • students who enroll in private school,
    • students who enroll in an out-of-state school,
    • students withdrawn by the school district due the student not being a resident at time of enrollment, falsified enrollment, no proof of identification, or no immunization records
    • all dropouts

    are students who move to another Texas public school, including state charter schools and other GPISD schools. Movers include

    • students enrolled in another Texas public school district
    • students who earn a GED certificate at a Texas examination site by August 31st, or
    • students who withdrawal to attend a health care facility outside your district (only with confirmation that the other district enrolled them and the hospital stay is 10 days or more)
    • students who are incarcerated to the Juvenile Probation Office (these are students 17 and younger where the facility will provide mandatory education for them)
    • students who are accounted for by other state reconciliation processes
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