• Welcome to Dual Enrollment Computer Science! 
    Thriving in Our Digital World, is a new Dual Enrollment course that teaches Computer Science Principles, a set of core ideas that shapes the landscape of computer science and its impact on our society. In addition to learning about the magic and beauty of computing, students will acquire essential Texas College and Career Readiness skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, and communication.
    Students will experience high quality curriculum designed by the faculty at The University of Texas at Austin.  Students can earn three hours of UT credit, with feedback and assessment provided by UT course staff. (Excerpt from OnRamps Course Description)
    Here are some useful links that will help you make a better informed about the course.
    Once you're in the class, our platform for submitting all work will be Canvas.  You can access Canvas by navigating your browser to https://onramps.instructure.com/