Welcome to Elementary Mathematics

  • Mission Statement 
    The mission of the Elementary Math Department is to promote the learning of mathematics by all students through the curriculum that is coherent and comprehensive. The instructional program will enable all students to understand and use mathematics in an increasingly technological world.

    The Grand Prairie ISD Elementary Math Department's curriculum is based upon the Texas State Standards, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Our lessons are designed to support those standards.  
    Components of Math
    The Grand Prairie ISD Elementary Math Department believes that a comprehensive math program includes the following components:

    • Problem Solving (Follow link for more information)
    • Academic Vocabulary
    • Conceptual Development
    • Numerical Fluency

    GPISD Elementary Math Instruction includes:

    • Problem Solving- A short portion of the math block (10-15 min) in which students are actively engaged in solving a challenging mathematics problem using the GPISD Elementary Math Problem Solving Mat followed by student facilitated discussions about strategies used to solve the problem.
    • Conceptual Development - The portion of the 90 minute math block that is devoted to on grade level instruction of the math curriculum (30-45 min).
    • Guided Math - The portion of the math block which focuses on remediating, enriching, and/or accelerating math skills. The teacher provides small group instruction based upon the students' instructional plan, while other students work independently or in groups at workstations designed to support current instruction. (30-45 min)
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  • Curriculum Resources (GPISD Google login req)

    Curriculum Resources

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  • 2024 Summer PD

    Link for PD and Unit Chats

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  • Research on Manipulatives

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