• Schools across Texas depend on the average daily attendance of students for funding from the state. Not only does missing school have a negative impact on the success of individual students, it decreases Grand Prairie ISD's  funding, which impacts the entire school district.

    What can you do?

    Make sure your student is at school. Maximized instructional time is a key to student achievement.

    Call the school and let them know when your student will be absent, and send your student with a note when they return to school.

    Schedule family vacations at times when students are on holiday from school. When students have an unexcused absence, not only do they miss instructional time, any assignments due during that time are subject to a grade penalty.

    If your student is sick, he or she should stay home. This helps  the student get well and keeps staff members and other students from getting sick.

    Did you know:

    In Texas, school funding is based on the daily attendance of students.

    For Grand Prairie ISD, a 1% increase in student attendance over a school year would increase the District's state funding by over $1 million. Think of what those additional dollars could do for the students in GPISD!

    Grand Prairie ISD is committed to increasing attendance;  students miss valuable information when they miss class, and the District loses funding that could improve programs at all schools.


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