1st Grade

  • At Austin Environmental Science Academy, we believe that a strong foundation in reading begins early. Below you will find the strategies that we teach our students in the classroom. We encourage you to use these strategies when you are reading with your children at home.

    Austin first graders are being taught to think mathematically and to reason. With lots of "hands on" lessons using a variety of manipulatives, they are learning to see relationships and patterns and to use numbers with confidence to solve problems. They are learning far more than arithmetic; they are delving into measurement, geometry, statistics and probability.

    Tips for Parents:

    • Remember to practice reading everyday!
    • Look for words you know. Look for word bits and parts
    • Self-Correct
    • Read ahead - Read aloud
    • Use picture clues to confirm predictions
    • Sequence events/Summarize
    • Use word order and context to confirm meaning
    • Create mental images and make inference
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1st Grade

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