Speech/Language Pathologist (SLP)

 Daniel Ibarra



Degrees and Certifications:

The University of Texas at Austin and Texas Christian University Masters of Science in Emphasis in Bilingual Speech Language Pathology B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders, B.A. in Linguistics Licensed Speech-Language Pathology Intern

Daniel Ibarra

Crockett Early Education School serves multiple children with special education needs. The current Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), Daniel Ibarra, works with students who have been identified with a speech impairment/communication disorder such as the following: expressive and/or receptive language, articulation (speech sound disorders), or fluency. Current research supports the interrelationships across the language processes of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Speech Language Pathologist contributes significantly to the literacy achievement of students with communication disorders, as well as other learners who are at risk for school failure, or those who struggle in school settings. SLPs are in a position to provide training to parents of students of all ages with regard to communication development and disorders. They may be especially helpful to families in creating a language- and literacy-rich environment.