Advanced Academics

  • Mission

    The Grand Prairie ISD Advanced Academics Program is committed to ensuring that our highest ability learners are challenged to meet their potential and that curriculum and learning opportunities are in line with their needs, interests, and abilities. 

    Advanced Courses and Programs of Study

    Advanced and AP Programs


    Advanced courses are offered in all core content areas. These classes are aimed at preparing our students for Advanced Placement classes in high school, the challenges of higher education, and success in their future careers.

    Advanced and Gifted & Talented Courses:

    • are offered in all core subjects: Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies
    • include Advanced Spanish III and AP Spanish IV
    • offer a combination of acceleration, enrichment, and differentiation
    • are designed with the advanced learner in mind
    • require outside reading, research and/or projects
    • prepare students for future Advanced Placement classes

    We hope parents and students will ask questions about advanced courses and look into the opportunities they provide!