2016-2017 Volunteer/Chaperone Program

  • Volunteer/Chaperone

    (Complete background checks will be done on all volunteers/chaperones.)

    Please contact the school campus to determine if volunteers or chaperones will be required for special events. If needed, you will need to complete the Grand Prairie ISD Online Volunteer Application. A complete background check will be done, and if approved you will be considered a volunteer for the 2016-2017 school year. Please click on link below to start your volunteer background check. 


    Visitors only, please note:   If you are wanting to eat lunch in the cafeteria, visit school administrators/teachers for conferences, attend/observe field day events, etc., you do not need to fill out the volunteer application. You will be considered a VISITOR and should sign in at the main office at the campus, scan your ID and receive a VISITOR badge. All visitors will be checked through the sex offender registry. 

    Thank you for volunteering and for keeping our kids safe! 

    Online Volunteer Application