Technology Integration and Instructional Media

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    Mission Statement

    Grand Prairie ISD believes that technology should be an integrated component of the educational process and curriculum. We are committed to create an authentic, real-world, engaging environment that can help promote student achievement and to prepare our students for college and career success. 

    Our students have grown up with technology and it is in their hands constantly. They don't think of it as technology. It is seamless and second nature in their lives. To ask students to "power down" when they come to school is not necessarily the best idea. In GPISD we are working hard to improve the availability of student devices that are deemed "the right tool for the job". I wouldn't use a hammer to attach a nut to a bolt. We are working hard to provide our teachers with a variety of tools to meet the needs of their students. It may take a bit of time to get there but that is our goal. These webpages will provide you with resources for those tools. As we add new tools, we will update the pages. Technology is quickly evolving and changes all the time. In order to try and keep up, our teachers have to be okay with continually learning and adapting. Thank you for allowing Technology Integration that opportunity to help you grow. These are exciting times in Grand Prairie ISD and it is such a fabulous place to be, where we are encouraged and motivated to learn along with our students. 

    Successful technology integration in a classroom in GPISD occurs

    • when the use of technology is routine
    • when the technology is seamless and transparent
    • when technology is accessible and available throughout the day
    • when the technology fully supports the curricular learning goals.

    It is important to understand that there are all sorts of ways to integrate technology. Here are a few ideas:

    • Web-based projects, inquiry and online research
    • Student-created media such as videos and presentations
    • Game-based learning and assessments
    • Project-based learning activities
    • Social media connections that are age appropriate
    • Collaborative, global, online tools such as Google Docs and Office365
    • Instructional tools such as interactive whiteboards and projectors
    • Online learning and blended classrooms with tools such as our Canvas learning management system
    • Creativity tools such as Pages, Keynote, Numbers, GarageBand and iMovie


    There are many ways we can help teachers in our district so please let us know if these pages are missing something that we can help you with.

    Contact: Tara Cahill, Director of Technology Integration at


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