BrightBytes Data

  • Data Our district is using Clarity's BrightBytes data to look at the technology usage and how we can improve learning outcomes. The data is based on survey questions that are research-based which then give us tools and outcomes to address the needs of our learners and educators. 

    Survey data was first gathered in Spring 2016 and again in December/January of 2016-2017. 

    Our district data shows some celebrations but plenty of areas that we can improve upon. This year we will look at

    • Classroom
    • Access
    • Skills
    • Environment

    Insights (as seen below) pinpoint ways we can improve in a timely manner. Principals, IMSs and CEIC members will want to look at the data for their campus.

    Mr. Gasaway, Mr. Malone and Mrs. Cahill will be meeting with as many Principals as possible during this school year to go over their BrightBytes data so that the campus can begin to focus on strategies to improve upon student learning with technology. The 4 C's will be the main focus for each of these meetings. If a campus Principal would like further access to their data, they may contact their IMS or Tara Cahill at 

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