District Assessments

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    Generally, a three, six and nine week exam is given to students.  Campuses may also administer short, formative quizzes at the three and six week marks.  District Summative assessments occur toward the end of each nine week period.

    District Summative Assessments:

    District Summative Assessments will be given to students in Kindergarten – 12th grade to evaluate their learning of the curriculum that has been taught up until December. The assessments will help guide instruction in the classroom, assist with student needs, and be used as a grade. Assessments must be taken on the day/time specified, in a monitored teacher session (in person for in person learners and on a monitored zoom call for virtual learners). Assessments not taken during the specified day/time will result in a grade of zero. District Summative Assessments will be taken with certain security measures for both in person and virtual learners including:

    • No outside devices or tools will be allowed other than testing device
    • Specific browsers will be used
    • Monitored testing sessions will take place
    • Students will agree to an honor statement within each assessment
    • Campuses have security measures to help provide a quality testing environment 

    Please contact your campus for scheduling information or any questions.

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