Spring 2021

  • Spring 2021 STAAR Testing - Including End-of-Course Exams (EOCs)

    This spring, students will have the opportunity to take STAAR assessments specific to their grade level, course(s), and/or to meet graduation requirements.

    Your child’s participation in STAAR is a valuable opportunity to:

    •   provide you a measure of where your child stands in relation to the state standards.
    •   provide your child’s school with specific data to target instruction to meet his/her individual needs.
    •   inform our district curriculum planning and help us evaluate the impact of the COVID pandemic on student learning.

    Spring Testing Schedule

    April 20 (Tuesday)

    Grade 4 Writing


    May 12 (Wednesday)

    Grades 3-7 Reading
    Biology EOC
    US History EOC

    April 27 (Tuesday) 

    English I EOC

    May 13 (Thursday)

    Grades 5 & 8 Science

    April 29 (Thursday)

    English II EOC

    May 14 (Friday)

    Grade 8 Social Studies

    May 4 (Tuesday)

    Grade 7 Writing

    May 18 (Tuesday)

    Grade 8 Math

    May 11 (Tuesday)

    Grades 3-7 Math
    Algebra I EOC

    May 19 (Wednesday)

    Grade 8 Reading

    This year, a student’s participation  in a STAAR assessment for grades 3-8 will not affect promotion or retention decisions. However, under current law, students are required to perform successfully on end of course exams (EOCs) to meet graduation requirements  (TEC §39.025). A student who does not pass may retake the assessment during the next administration to meet graduation requirements.

    Testing Mode

    All students will participate in STAAR in person. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) does not provide the option to administer the assessments virtually.

    Student Health and Safety:

    Social distancing and safety protocols will be followed in all testing rooms and all other parts of the school. To allow us the space to maintain social distancing for students testing, the following groups of students will learn virtually on the given dates.

    April 27 (Tuesday)

    High school students not participating in the English I EOC

    April 29 (Thursday)

    High school students not participating in the English II EOC

    May 11 (Tuesday)

    All kindergarten - 2nd grade students

    8th grade and high school students not participating in Algebra I EOC or AP Spanish

    May 12 (Wednesday)

    All kindergarten - 2nd grade students

    8th grade and high school students not participating in Biology EOC or US HIstory EOC

    Teachers of these students  will not be delivering live instruction on these days. The virtual learning will be asynchronous, meaning students may access lessons and instructional materials any time during the day. We will resume regular in-person instruction on May 13.

    What to Bring on Testing Days:

    STAAR will be administered online. Students are to bring their fully charged GPISD iPad AND charger to campus on their scheduled testing date.

    For Parents of Virtual Students:

    Contact your child’s school to secure transportation and meals for testing days.

    For more information from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) about STAAR


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  • AP Testing

    AP Exam Schedule:

    Week 1


    8:00am Local Time

    12:00pm Local Time

    2:00pm Local Time

    May 3 (Monday)

    United States Government and Politics

    Physics C Mechanics

    Physics C Electricity and Magnetism

    May 4 (Tuesday)

    Calculus AB

    Calculus BC

    Human Geography


    May 5 (Wednesday)

    English Literature and Composition

    Physics I: Algebra-Based


    May 6 (Thursday)

    United States History

    Art History

    Computer Science A


    May 7 (Friday)


    Spanish Literature and Culture

    European History

    Physics 2: Algebra-Based


    Week 2


    8:00am Local Time

    12:00pm Local Time

    May 10 (Monday)

    French Language and Culture

    World History: Modern


    May 11 (Tuesday)


    Spanish Language and Culture

    Also Algebra I EOC



    May 12 (Wednesday)

    English Language and Composition

    Also Biology EOC and US History EOC


    Music Theory

    May 13 (Thursday)

    No Exams Scheduled

    May 14 (Friday)


    Environmental Science

    May 17 (Monday)

    Comparative Government and Politics

    Computer Science Principles


    Testing Information:

    • GPISD will administer AP tests in person.  
    • They are traditional, full-length, paper-and-pencil exams, administered in school, for all AP subjects.  They will not be the abbreviated tests that were given last year. 
    • School IDs are required for all AP Exam in-person and digital administrations.

    For more information regarding virtual AP exam administrations outside of the school year and conducted by the College Board, click here.


    What you need to know about these administrations:

    • Parents and students who choose other administration options must adhere to College Board’s AP Exam Digital Administration Guidelines that disallow the use of school-issued iPads.
    • They are not available for all exams. Those available are administered according to the Eastern Time Zone.
    • Minimal staff and technical support is available if errors occur during the AP Exam
    • Digital Handbook is available at the link above
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  • STAAR Testing Overview

    In spring 2012, the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) replaced the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS).

    The STAAR program includes annual assessments for: 

    • Reading and mathematics grades 3–8
    • Writing at grades 4 and 7
    • Science at grades 5 and 8
    • Social studies at grade 8
    • End-of-course assessments for English I, English II,  Algebra I, Biology and U.S history

    Total number of mandatory testing days

    Students will typically spend two to five days out of the 180-day school year taking the STAAR tests. Additional testing days will be available for students who must pass the test to be promoted to the next grade or to graduate from high school. 

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