Professional Development Department Procedures

  • I. Professional Development

    • All staff must have sufficient training to be able to carry out their assigned duties and to help our students realize maximum achievement.
    • Professional Development shall be used to acquire new learning to assist in attaining district/campus/department goals.  
    • All professional development hours must be accrued in academic learning that is applicable to the participant’s current job description. 
    • Test preparation/test review/administration sessions or sessions/courses for initial teacher certification, extra duties such as extracurricular or co-curricular duties, supervision of students, etc  do not count as district professional development.
    • Professional Development activities listed in the electronic database are accrued from the employee’s hire date in GPISD.
    • All registrations and out-of-district credits are for the current school year, and all records are closed out at the end of each school year.
    • Certificates from previous years cannot be added nor can credits from one year be applied to another year.
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  • II. Conferences/Out-of-District Sessions 

    (The requested credit must be in the specific teaching area in which you are currently employed.)

    • Any session taken out-of-district must be pre-approved by the appropriate central office administrator and the campus principal. 
    • Certificate of completion with the SBEC number of the awarding organization must be submitted as stated on the pre-approval form within 30 days of completion.
    • Total credits requested must be in one hour increments.
    • Time spent in exhibits, meetings, lunch, social events, or breaks at conferences will not be added as professional development. 
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  • III. Attendance/Credit

    To ensure appropriate credit is awarded:

    • Register through Edugence and sign in as requested at a session.
    • Drop sessions by 4:00 PM on the work day PRIOR to the session.  In case of an emergency after this time, contact ext 3451 within 48 hours of session. 
    • Any no-shows after this time will be counted as an absence.
    • Participants may be requested to sign-in after lunch or sign-out at the end of the day by the facilitator.
    • Legible signature MUST be on the official district sign-in sheet.
    • A colleague may not sign-in for another participant.
    • Late arrival to or early departure from the session will result in loss of credit for the session.
    • Partial credit will NOT be granted.


    • Defined as registering for a session, failing to attend the full session and/or failing to drop from the roster by the deadline.
    • Failure to sign in.
    • Late arrival or early departure will result in a recorded absence.

    Walk-in credit 

    • Requires a completed walk-in certificate per specific instructions on the certificate.
    • Legible signature MUST be on the official district sign-in sheet.
    • Participation is not guaranteed; admission will be dependent on room capacity.
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  • IV. Children

    • Children are not permitted to attend professional development sessions.
    • Children may not be left unattended in the building where professional learning is occurring.
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  • V. School Courses

    • Sessions entered and attendance recorded by campus administration. 
    • Campus maintains records, agendas, sign-in sheets for all credits awarded for CPE credit for campus/school courses.
    • Informational meetings e.g. faculty meeting "nuts and bolts"meetings are not eligible for CPE credit.
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  • VI. Submitting District Sessions by District Facilitators

    • Sessions are planned each semester by each department using the Professional Development Planning Form located on the GPISD website.
    • Proposals are approved by supervisor and submitted by the designated deadline to the Professional Development office.
    • Sessions should result in total credits in whole credit increments entered as Texas SBEC CPE.
    • Instructional technology may be imbedded in training sessions as appropriate.
    • Sessions must conform to the district, state, and national recommendations/standards for professional learning. Informational meetings e.g. faculty meeting or "nuts and bolts" meetings are not eligible for CPE credit.
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