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  • Exchange Credits

    Exchange Credits are an incentive to encourage teachers to earn their professional learning credits during the summer months. These credits may be exchanged for the professional development days (May 26 & 27, 2021) at the end of the contract year. The objective is two-fold. Teachers learn best practices that target GPISD’s greatest areas of need and have the summer months to plan for and implement these practices when school starts in August. Secondly, teachers complete their credits during the summer and subsequently remain in the classroom with their students where they make the greatest impact and fulfill the greatest needs. Consequently, there will be very few opportunities once school starts to earn Exchange credits.

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  • PD requirements

    2020-2021 PD Requirements Chart

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Exchange Credits FAQ

  • What are Exchange Days?

  • Who is eligible to earn Exchange Credits?

  • Are paraprofessionals eligible to exchange days?

  • Are non-classroom professionals eligible to exchange days?

  • When can exchange credits be earned?

  • What is the deadline for earning Exchange Day credits?

  • What counts as Exchange Credit?

  • What will NOT count as Exchange Credit?

  • Can personal days be used to attend professional development so that it can count as an exchange day?

  • Can personal days be used in lieu of attending professional development on May 26-May 27?

General FAQ

  • Do we still register for sessions in Eduphoria?

  • Is each teacher required to complete a Professional Development Plan?

  • Who determines what a teacher is to take for professional growth?

  • Can these requirements change during the year?

  • To whom are the professional staff members accountable for their professional development requirements?

  • Can professional staff be required to attend summer sessions?

  • I'm a paraprofessional. Do I have professional growth requirements , too?