• Dumpsters

    Each campus has dumpsters on site for garbage storage.  Duncan Disposal will come by as scheduled to empty the dumpsters on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  If you notice your dumpster is not being emptied as scheduled, please call M&O dispatch at 972-343-4455.  Please do not turn work orders in for missed dumpster pickups.  The dispatcher will contact Duncan Disposal.

    If you have furniture or large items left beside your dumpster, call dispatch and they will have our grounds department come by to pick them up.

    If you notice your dumpster has a foul odor, please call dispatch and they will arrange for a new dumpster to delivered.

    Pest Management

    In an effort to meet the growing concerns for our environment, the Grand Prairie Independent School District has initiated an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program pertaining to its use of pesticides at all school facilities. The IPM, in compliance with the Structural Pest Control Board (SPCB), will not only assist the District in its inventory control and record keeping, but will also establish proper scheduling of maintenance activities, which in time should alleviate pesticide usage. 

    Ideally, the Grand Prairie ISD's goal is to become pesticide free; however, due to factors concerning health and aesthetics, this goal at times can seem unattainable. The IPM, in such cases, will allow the search, as technology increases, for new innovations in providing non-hazardous means of control. Until this time arrives, the necessary means for control will be strongly monitored.

    The goal is simple. Obtaining the goal will take time and some extra effort; however, the rewards will be everlasting.  An Integrated Pest Management Program will permit the Grand Prairie Independent School District to play its proper role in today's society.  In short, that role is showing concern for the public and our environment.

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