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    GRADES 1 – 8

    School of CHOICE

    (In-District CHARTER)

    The Grand Prairie School for the Highly Gifted caters to the unique needs of highly gifted students by providing each student with an individualized instructional plan designed to appropriately challenge them academically while nurturing their passion for learning and their responsibility to bring positive change to the world.

    How to know Grand Prairie School for the Highly Gifted is right for your child:

    1. Your child craves an environment where they are encouraged to achieve to their maximum potential, both academically and social-emotionally.
    2. Your child needs services specific to highly-gifted students (based on cognitive scores in the top two percent of the population) in order to grow and thrive.
    3. Your child would benefit from highly qualified instruction and teachers specifically trained to understand and work with highly gifted learners.

    Unique ways your child can learn and grow here:

    • Unique, 21st century learning environment
    • Self-regulation and independent learning paths available for each student
    • Flexible scheduling allowing for passion projects, enrichment clusters, and competitive
    • teams within the school day
    • Multi-age learning experiences for all grades
    • Student-centered Genius Hour and Enrichment Clusters
    • Individualized learning plans
    • Entrepreneurship program for middle school

    For information on the application process, please view the School for the Highly Gifted Application Information.

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About Our School