GPISD Education Foundation Annual Fund Drive

  • Put your money where your heart is.


    Annual Giving provides immediate budgetary support for numerous programs: innovative teaching grants for increased opportunities for teachers to make an impact on the future success of GPISD students; 3rd grade fine arts field experience; 5th grade science field experiences to the Trinity River Audubon Center; elementary real school gardens; These are direct benefits to our students right now and enhance their lives everyday. While we are mindful of tomorrow's needs, we cannot neglect today's requirements.  Sustained growth of Annual Giving will help ensure immediate needs are always met. 

    We would like to emphasize that as much as we appreciate large gifts, even small gifts truly help.  

    Five excellent reasons to support Annual Giving

    1. Your donation improves the quality of education each student receives and helps prepare the next generation of Grand Prairie ISD alumni. 100% of all funds raised go to support programs designed to impact students of Grand Prairie.        
    2. Annual Giving is vitally important as it helps close the gap between lost funding and the real cost of educating a student at Grand Prairie ISD. Endowment and interest income also help to close this gap. 
    3. Our students benefit from a legacy of generosity. Grand Prairie ISD students receive scholarships and each recipient has been the beneficiary of this generosity. Donors to Annual Giving recognize their gift as a response to the need in making college dreams come true! 
    4. Contributions are tax-deductible. A donation helps the GPISD Education Foundation, and an individual's total tax liability can be reduced with a contribution.
    5. Every bit helps. Corporations and foundations often look to the number of donors in choosing the level at which they will support GPISD Education Foundation. So, your gift can actually spur additional gifts. 

Annual Fund Drive