School for the Highly Gifted

  • The Grand Prairie School for the Highly Gifted is a district charter school designed to meet the unique needs of the top 1-2% of the gifted population.  Admission is based upon multiple criteria, and includes a pre-screening and final screening step. The school features:

    • Small class sizes
    • Multi-age group classes
    • Individualized learning plans
    • Curriculum specifically designed for the highly gifted learners
    • Bilingual and ESL Programs offered
    • Authentic classroom and homework assignments with an emphasis on creativity and depth of thinking
    • Foreign Languages offered as enrichment rotation
    • Computer programming/coding
    • Competitions
    • Engaging and purposeful learning opportunities beyond the classroom and school

    School for the Highly Gifted Application Information  

    For more information about the school, visit or call Headmaster Holly Mohler at 972-343-7864.