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  • Vision Statement 2023-2024

    The vision of the Grand Prairie High School Counseling Services Department is to enhance the academic and social & emotional experiences of all students to help prepare them for success in their future college, career, or military endeavors.

    • We believe our students will graduate from high school in the next 3-5 years prepared for postsecondary success to become responsible, productive citizens, risk takers, and principled global-minded leaders of society. 

    • We are committed to assisting our students in implementing their postsecondary plan to become tomorrow's leaders in the next 6-15 years, who are academically prepared, success-oriented, and emotionally resilient. 

    Mission Statement 2023-2024

    The mission of the Grand Prairie High School Counseling Services Department is to advocate for equity, access, and success for all students. We will provide a safe, inclusive, and trauma-informed learning environment that focuses on supporting the holistic needs of students and their families by removing academic, career, and cultural barriers. 

    We commit to:

    • Identify needs and provide program avenues for our 9th-12th student population to address individualized needs through the utilization of PANORAMA Survey, CANVAS, XELLO, SEL Advisory Lessons, Early College, College, and Career Center, Advanced Level Courses, Military Exposure, and Career and Technology Pathways. (ACCESS)

    • Implement and model a comprehensive Counseling Program that promotes equity by providing available resources to level the playing field and empower students to self-advocate; programs such as AVID,CCMR passport, Stop IT, Be Project, Kindness Crew, Start with Hello, Hand Prints on Hearts, Gopher Legacy, Classroom Guidance Lessons, Student Success Plan, Individual/Group Counseling, BE Kind initiatives such as Bullying and Suicide Prevention and Go Center. (EQUITY)  

    • Inspire students to succeed by removing social, emotional, academic, and cultural barriers that may impede student achievement and future success. By providing individual/group counseling, academic planning, ongoing IGP review, College Preparation: ACT, SAT, TSI, Texas College Bridge, ASVAB, Go Merry, Upward Bound, Dallas County Promise, FAFSA/TASFA, Khan Academy, College Board, and Advanced Placement/Dual Credit/Onramps courses. (SUCCESS)