• The Dentistry Pathway 4 Year Plan consists of a combination of core and program courses. There are several directions this 4 Year Plan can take depending on student interests, program design, credit considerations, and degree plan.

    The Center for Health Science Dentistry Specialization Program at Dubiski Career High School provides students with a strong academic foundation in Health Science as it relates to Dentistry. Students are provided with opportunities to learn about career opportunities within the field of Dentistry while participating in advanced Health Science Technology courses, covering concepts such as HIPPA, laboratory procedure, sterilization, patient assessment and basic hygiene and dental maintenance. Special opportunities include job shadowing, guest speakers, and special event attendance. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in HOSA, a career and technical student organization, geared toward enhancing students’ overall experiences in the program.

    The newly constructed dental lab at Dubiski Career High School contains three fully equipped dental stations. All juniors and seniors in the Dentistry Pathway will work with registered dentists and dental hygienists, using industry-standard equipment and patient record software.
    Students will have the opportunity to earn a dental assistant certification and further their career in a Dental Hygienist or Dental Lab degree. 

    Dentistry Documents

    Dentistry 4-Year Plan


    Sandra Williams
    Dentistry Pathway Teacher