• The Business 4 Year Plan consists of a combination of core and program courses. There are several directions this 4 Year Plan can take depending on student interests, program design, credit considerations, degree plan.


  • One61Outfitters has been transformed this year into, not only a place for purchasing school supplies and personal items, but also the CTSO Hub. Senior Business students manage the finance, accounting, marketing, and operations of the Store, giving them a real-world simulation of running a business. The Business practicum class is striving for gold-certification through DECA's School Based Enterprise certification program this year. Student leaders from all Career & Technology Student Organizations work the store and ensure student needs are met and questions are answered. Dubiski students visit the Store in the mornings or during lunch to get the latest information from their CTSO, sign-up for field trips, and make payments. The Store offers affordable school supplies, spirit items and personal needs products for one-stop shopping convenience to our customers.