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    Creativity runs high in the graphic art students of Dubiski Career High School. They have truly displayed what great potential can do when paired with the right tools and materials.

    • Graphic Arts students have the opportunity to participate in competitions on the local, district, state, and national level. 
      • Competition areas range from Advertising & Design to Professional Development to Printing. Any student can compete with the right amount of drive and training.
    • The Dubiski Printshop produces a wide range of printed products. We entertain client jobs that can vary from t-shirts, to banners, to nametags. With our state of the art equipment, up to date programs, and talented students we are able to produce award winning work. 
      • Our seniors run the school’s printshop by doing jobs for a variety of clients. They are not only able to apply and develop the skills they’ve acquired in previous courses, but gain skills in professionalism though real world experience.