Take Challenging Courses

  • Do you know what the #1 thing colleges are looking for on a high school transcript? It is success with rigorous coursework. Colleges (and future employers too) want to know that you took on a challenge, stuck with it, and finished what you started - that you were determined. Determination is something people respect and value.

    In high school, challenging courses could include Advanced Placement (AP) courses and/or dual-credit courses. In middle school and the first two or three years of high school, challenging courses are Pre-AP or Pre-AP/GT courses. Both types of Pre-AP courses prepare you for college-level AP courses.

    If you are not taking Pre-AP courses in middle school, get ready! Show that you have a good work ethic, want a challenge, and do what it takes to get As. Check out the the Advanced Academics pages for more information or see the YMLA Advanced Academics Specialist, Mr. Llanas in A119.