Serve & Lead

  • Be someone who is willing to accept the responsibility of leadership. Leadership is about accepting additional responsibility, following through on your promises, and being someone others trust to make good decisions. You can show leadership in your academic courses, extracurricular activities, and community service. Volunteer to be a club or organization officer. Work to become the captain of your athletic team or school band. These are a few ways you can show leadership.

    Also be someone who serves your community in meaningful ways. Find one or two community needs that you care about and take action. You might volunteer at a local food pantry, tutor younger students in an after-school program, visit a nursing home, or volunteer at the public library. You could also get involved with activities sponsored by organizations like the American Diabetes Association, American Cancer Society, or Keep Grand Prairie Beautiful. These are just a few ways you could serve your community. Make it something you are passionate about and commit to it over time.

    Service and leadership go together. If you look for ways to accept responsibility and serve others, you will become a leader. If you lead others with service in mind, those you lead will recognize and respect your leadership.