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    Naseem Khozein (“Ko-ZANE”) is in her second year as director of the Grand Prairie High School Orchestras. She has extensive experience in performing, particularly with the violin-troupe Barrage. She sang, danced, and performed as a soloist 30 weeks of the year (for 3 years) in places like the Hungarian State Opera House (Budapest), the Tunø Festival in Denmark, the Ermita de la Santa Cruz Ruins in Antigua, Guatemala, Disneyland, and popular performance venues in China, Korea, Canada, and almost every state in the U.S. After being a part of school workshops across the nation, Ms. Khozein found her love of teaching and brings her love of the world and passion for different styles of music to the classroom. Ms. Khozein has her Bachelor Degree in Music from the University of Texas in Austin, and her Master of Business Administration Degree from Baylor University.



    GPHS string orchestras consist of musicians that play violin, viola, cello, bass, or piano, and the District pays instrument and contest fees.  Director approval is required for all orchestras. The orchestras are divided into 3 sections (during the school day):


    Chamber Orchestra is for advanced students and those dedicated to performing, and is at the Varsity level for the UIL Concert & Sight-reading competition. Musicians play up to level 5 music involving 3rd and 5th positions, and compete at UIL in April. Students will be expected to audition for the All-Region orchestra, will participate in Solo & Ensemble and may be asked to perform at the Young People’s Concert (YPC). After-school rehearsals and performances are frequent. Students will be asked to memorize material. This is an auditioned orchestra and students' conduct, attendance, and eligibility is taken into consideration.


    Philharmonic Orchestra is the intermediate orchestra, playing up to level 3 music involving 3rd position. Students will have the option to audition for the All-Region orchestra and Solo & Ensemble competition. Those aspiring to go to the Chamber Orchestra will be encouraged and may be required to participate in Solo & Ensemble. After-school rehearsals and performances are occasional.


    Concert Orchestra is the beginner-intermediate orchestra, playing up to level 2 music involving 3rd position. These musicians will perform the least. Students will not be expected to audition for UIL or participate in the Solo & Ensemble competition. This orchestra is good for those that have other extra-curricular activities they would like to focus on. It is common that the Concert and Philharmonic Orchestras will perform together on certain pieces. After-school rehearsals are rare.

    Symphony Orchestra (not an official class yet)

    Symphony Orchestra will take place when announced by the director. This orchestra combines orchestra and band students to form a full symphony orchestra. This orchestra meets after school. All string students, no matter what string orchestra they are a member of, will be considered for membership in the symphony orchestra. If chosen for the symphony, students must attend all after school rehearsals. When a student misses the third rehearsal they will be removed from symphony. 



    Ms. Khozein will be starting an after-school bluegrass group, which is yet to be named. If you play banjo, guitar, mandolin, violin/fiddle, or upright bass please contact Ms. Khozein for further updates on the start of this group.


    Naseem Khozein


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