Student Council

  • Who: Any 6th, 7th or 8th grade student who wants to become more involved in the school community and learn leadership qualities.

    What: Student Council draws its members from all grades. Student council members are the connecting link among the students, faculty and administration. The purposes of the student council are: to provide good school relationships between individual students, students and faculty and school and community; to develop and maintain good school spirit; to assist in directing and managing school activities; to promote scholarship; to develop high ideals of personal conduct; to help each student find a place in the school; and to express opinions and make recommendations to the school administrators and faculty to improve the school. The best of student-teacher relationships are maintained and developed through the student council.

    Where: Meetings will take place after school in room 216 unless otherwise specified. Activities will occur both during and after school hours as needed.

    When: Meetings will be on Thursday of each week unless otherwise announced.

    Sponsor: Ms. Jones (room 216)