• Mr. Hobbs Williams

    All of us at Hobbs Williams Elementary have the honor of calling this school our home. Our school is named after a wonderful name who served our great district for 30 years as an administrator, a teacher and a coach.

    As you walk down the halls of Hobbs Williams Elementary, the street signs that lead you to classrooms are glimpses into the life of our namesake. Whether you are walking down Eighth Air Force Dr. or turning onto Lake Hawkins Ct., there is a bit of history to tell.

    Mr. Williams was born and grew up in Sulphur Springs, Texas. He went to college at East Texas State and UT Austin before serving in World War II. There he served with the Eighth Air Force of the U.S Army Air Forces.

    After returning from war he went back to UT Austin and on a baseball scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1948 and a Master’s in 1949. Just a side note, Mr. Williams hit a grand slam in the first College World Series!

    "He had a gift for challenging and inspiring teachers," said his wife, Doris Williams, herself a retired teacher. "You either have it or you don't. People did things for him – who worked under him – because they wanted to, not because he told them to."

    Mr. and Mrs. Williams started teaching in Kerns, Texas. In 1956, they accepted teaching jobs in Grand Prairie.

    Mr. Williams started as a science teacher at Jefferson Junior High, but moved to Grand Prairie High at midyear to fill a baseball coaching vacancy, his wife said.

    During his career, Mr. Williams was an assistant principal at Grand Prairie High School; district maintenance supervisor; principal at Jefferson Junior High, Adams Middle and Grand Prairie High schools; director of special services; director of secondary education and superintendent of schools from 1981 until his 1986 retirement.

    The Grand Prairie elementary school was named for him in October 2008.

    On April 22, 2009, at the age of 85, Hobbs Williams passed away.  He will be greatly missed.  His legacy lives on through the teachers, staff and students that walk the halls in his name each day.