• At MLA, our vision is to empower students with the academic and leadership skills for their present and future success. One way we implement this is through our “houses.” There are 8 houses representing our school: Amistad, Ansvar, Fidato, Heshima, Bakim, Feria, Savbedoria and Revuer. We have created these houses to help build a school atmosphere of respect, honor, teamwork and leadership. Each student randomly spins the wheel to determine his or her house family. Once students have been placed in a house, this is their family for their entire career at MLA. Each house will meet every Friday following House Rally for Family Time. Family Time will provide leadership, friendship, and competition through family building activities. Outside of our Family Time, we will still focus on belonging, encouragement, mentorship, support and recognition. We will recognize houses, as well as individuals, each week who go above and beyond in showing their abilities to be leaders!

    So how can your child be recognized? Each week your child will have the opportunity to earn points for his or her house in the form of “Star Tickets.” Teachers distribute these tickets for good deeds, good will, good works, extraordinary actions, etiquette and volunteering. These points will be turned in each Thursday afternoon and counted on Friday morning. The house with the most points is recognized each Friday at House Rally, along with the top point achiever from each house. At the end of the nine weeks, the house with the most points will earn a field trip!
    We look forward to another exemplary year at Marshall Leadership Academy!

    Amistad    Ansvar

    Baked    Feria

    Fidato    Heshima

    Rever    Savbedoria