Theatre Arts

  • Theatre Arts Mission Statement
    Theatre Arts is a new addition to Rayburn STEAM Academy. The main goals of this class are to help student reading abilities progress, assist student's inference skills, giving the student confidence, and to release the student creativity in a unique way. 
    Not every student is comfortable standing up in front of a group of their peers and performing, but in the theatre arts class, they will do more than just perform. The technical side of theatre will be explored, showing students that there is more to theatre than just acting, dancing, and singing. They will use their engineering skills to develop costume design, set design, and lighting design.
    Within this class, student's will be using every element of the STEAM integration.
    Science will be integrated through set design, costume design, and even the acting. Student's will act like animals they have learned about in class, or design a set using the Water Cycle as a prompt.
    Technology will be used with the lighting design, and even with a virtual sock puppet app on the IPad.
    Even math will be used to gain the right measurements for certain design projects.
    The student's will leave this class with a new found confidence and interests that were not though of before.