Grading and Assessment

  • At Whitt we believe that before good instruction can begin, proper planning and collaboration must take place so that lessons are delivered to students in a manner that is engaging, meaningful and rigorous while meeting students' individual needs.  Therefore when the planning begins our teachers begin with the end in mind.  In other words, they look at what skills and concepts students will need to be successful on the assessment and then begin to plan "backward" accordingly.  Teachers are continuously monitoring and assessing students' movement toward mastering concepts and objectives.  They provide timely, specific and meaningful feedback.

    We ask for your commitment to your student because education is a team effort. We know that students, parents, teachers, and other staff members all working together can ensure we support each other and that ultimately the benefits are seen through student achievement.

    Use the links below to learn what is required by and expected from Grand Prairie ISD students. 

    Student Grading and Assessment

    Elementary Grading Procedures can be found in the Elementary Student Handbook found on page 29.