The Young Men's Leadership Academy at Kennedy Middle School Creed

  • I am...a John F. Kennedy young man...a man of life-long learning, purpose, vision and action. 

    I am...a man of honor, dignity, integrity and service, and...

    I am my brother's keeper. I have within me everything I need to reach any goal, in the classroom, college, life and beyond. Talent, luck, fame or money alone do not determine my destiny. Character and hard work do, and I will make no excuses.

    I am...committed to seeing things clearly, seeing them better, and then making them better.

    I am...known by my work, therefore I do everything with excellence. 

    I with my words, thoughts, actions and time. Today...I choose to leave childish ways behind me. 

    I am...a John F. Kennedy young man. 


    YMLA Creed