Teacher Device Return - End of Year

  • This document pertains to all mobile devices issued to GPISD staff during the 2018-2019 school year.  This includes: iPads, Macs & Dells, also individual accessories: power adapter & power adapter extension cable, video display cables (dongle). PLEASE LEAVE THE SPEAKERS IN YOUR CLASSROOM.

    An e-mail will be sent from Helpdesk with a link to allow staff members who are leaving GPISD and were issued devices to schedule an appointment to return their devices. Making the selection will help both campus administration and Technology expedite end of year procedures. 

    I'm leaving GPISD

    • All staff members not returning to GPISD must return all devices and issued accessories to GPISD Technology Help Desk. Items will be subject to inspection for damage. Repair costs & failure to return devices will be deducted from the employee’s paycheck if necessary.
    • Staff is responsible for all data on the devices BEFORE returning the unit to Technology. Technology will not be responsible for any lost data.
    • Individuals leaving GPISD are responsible for completing the GPISD Request for Release Contract Form.

    I'm returning to GPISD

    • All staff members returning to GPISD will keep his/her devices.

    Campus Administration Notes

    • No devices issued will be left on campus over the summer. All devices will need to be returned to Technology by the staff member.
    • Campus administrators should not pick-up, store, temporarily hold, or similar, any device listed above for any staff member. The staff member is solely responsible for all of his or her Technology devices!
    • All other campus end of year procedures should be followed as normal.


Teacher Device End Of Year Procedure FAQ's

What Am I Responsible for Returning?

  • Laptops: MacBook with charger (power adapter & power adapter extension cable).  Also, case if provided.
    Mac & (case, if provided):
     Mac case
    Mac Power Adapter:
     Power Adapter
    Mac Power Adapter Extension cable:
    Power Adapter Extension Cable
    Power Adapter:
    Power Adapter
    Lightning to USB cable:
    iPad Case:
     Targus case
    Accessories: VGA Adapter (dongle)
    apple                                 Dellvga

Cost Breakdown Repairs & Replacements