Staff Device Return

  • Device Return - End of Year 2023-2024 

    Important!! *Any Staff Member returning to GPISD for next school year (Fall 2024) will keep his/her devices*

    Resignation/Retiring Process 

    • Visit this, to submit a Request for Separation from Service form. If you have already completed the form, please do not resubmit.
    •  Please contact HR at if you have not received a confirmation email or if you have any questions regarding this form.
    • After you have submitted your Request for Separation from Service Form, you will receive an email, which will include a link to schedule your device return appointment.

    Device Return Appointment 

    • Schedule your device return appointment here.
    • You have the option to schedule an appointment or choose the mail-in option for device return.
    • If you opt for the mail-in option, please email to confirm your choice.
    • Upon scheduling you will receive an immediate confirmation email with your chosen date and time.
    • Please arrive promptly for your scheduled appointment to ensure a smooth and quick return process.
    • Remember to sign out of your Apple ID on both devices beforehand.
    • Due to tight scheduling constraints, we regret that nonscheduled appointments cannot be accommodated.

    Mail-In Option 

    There is also the option to mail-in your devices as an alternative to returning them. However, it will be the (retired/resigned) staff member’s responsibility to ensure that the district issued devices are returned in both a considerate and responsible manner, no later than June 30th. Please state your employee number on the shipping label, also include your name, cell number, employee number & campus inside the package. The mail-in address and procedures will be stated after selecting the mail-in option.

    Gentry Long Service Center 
    Attn: Technology Help Desk (employee #) 
    514 Skyline Road 
    Grand Prairie, TX 75051 

    *Any staff member returning to GPISD will keep his/her devices* 

    What you are responsible for returning at your appointment/mail-in: 

    Please retrieve any items that you left on campus before your appointment. Once you are in the Device Return line, you cannot leave and return.

    • Mac with power adapter - (please back-up any desired data, before appt.)
    • iPad with charger & case- (please back-up any desired data, sign-out of iTunes & iCloud, and if set-up, remove the passcode before appt.)
    • Dongle (Please do not give your dongle to your campus IMS/IMA)
    • Badge

    Other Notes 

    If you need assistance with backing-up your data on your laptop/iPad, or if you need help signing out of iTunes and iCloud, and removing the passcode on your iPad, please submit a work order here:

    Items will be subject to inspection for damage. Repair costs and failure to return devices will be deducted from employee’s paycheck, if necessary.

    Please review cost breakdown below:


    MacBook M1 Replacement


    MacBook M1 Power Adapter and USB C cable


    MacBook USB C cable



    MacBook AC Power Adaptor


    iPad 9th Gen


    iPad 20W USB C power adapter and Cable


    iPad USB C to Lightning Cable


    iPad 20W USB C power adapter


    9th Gen Targus Case


    iPad 6th Gen


    iPad Power Adapter & Lightning Cable


    iPad Lightning Cable


    iPad Power AC Power Adaptor


    iPad Targus Case


    Multiple Adapter Dongle


    11” MacBook Air


    11” MacBook Air 45w Charger


    MacBook Repairs

    Screen Repair $99.99
    Screen Repair w/Display Assembly Camera $219.99
    Logic Board $229.99
    Track Pad $49.99
    Camera $129.99
    Charging Port $59.99
    Internal Speakers $29.99
    SSD Hard Drive $89.99
    Missing Keys $29.99
    Battery $79.99
    Fan $29.99
    Keyboard $69.99

    iPad Repairs

    Digitizer W/Home Button $69.99
    LCD & Digitizer W/Home Button $99.99
    Battery $22.99
    Charging Port $49.99
    Main and Rear Cameras $29.99
    Power Flex Cable $29.99
    Home Button Flex $29.99
    Replace Speakers $29.99
    Ear Jack Headphone Plug $29.99
    LCD Connector $49.99
    Antennas $9.99

    Also, any missing accessories can be purchased at your local electronics store or online before your appointment but must be OEM Apple-branded products. Third party brands will not be accepted. See the Model number below:

    • Mac Power Adapter (30W) MY1W2AM/A
    • Apple USB-C Charge Cable (2 m) MLL82AM/A
    • iPad 20W USB-C Power Adapter- MHJA3AM/A
    • USB-C to Lightning Cable (1 m)- MM0A3AM/A
    • Targus iPad Case - THD513GL- Asphalt
    • StarTech USB C 10 Gbps Multiport Adapter- DKT31CHVL

    If you have any questions, please contact the Helpdesk via e-mail at (please include your employee number) or phone at 972.237.5413. 

    Device Return Location 

    Ed Center (2602 S. Belt Line Road, Grand Prairie, TX - click to open map) 

    Device Return Location 

    Have Questions? 

    GPISD - Helpdesk 


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