Drive-Thru Device Return - End of Year 2020

  • Important!!

    Please read this thoroughly regarding GPISD’s Drive-Thru Device Return for 2019-2020 school year.  The process has been modified to accommodate the addition of non-contact drop-off and mail-in procedures.

    Safety Guidelines:

    • All employees will wear appropriate PPE and adhere to social distancing guidelines.
    • Please drive up the left side of the building going North where Jack-in-the-Box is located (map below)
    • Please wear your mask and remain in your vehicle during device return at door #5.

    Resignation/Retiring is a two-step process

    If you have completed both forms below, please do not resubmit. 

    If you have not completed both forms below, please click on the appropriate form link that you need to complete/submit.

    1. Complete the Request for Separation from Service
    2. Complete the Exit Inventory Checklist

    Please contact HR at if you have not received an email confirmation after submitting the Exit Inventory Checklist form listed above or need confirmation of each completed form.

    Drive-Thru Device Appointment

    At the conclusion of the Exit Inventory Checklist, a link will be provided to schedule your Drive-thru Device Return Appointment or select Mail-in as an option.

    You will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail after scheduling your preferred date & time.  Also, please arrive promptly for your scheduled appointment, due to tight scheduling constraints nonscheduled drive-ins cannot be accommodated.

    Mail-In Option

    There is also the option to mail-in your devices as an alternative to returning them as well. However, it will be the (retired/resigned) staff member’s responsibility to ensure that the district issued devices are returned in both a considerate and responsible manner, no later than June 30th. Please state your employee number on the shipping label, also include your name, cell number, employee number & campus inside the package. The mail-in address and procedures will be stated after selecting the mail-in option.

    *Any staff member returning to GPISD will keep his/her devices*

    You are responsible for returning at your appointment/mail-in:

    Please retrieve any items that you left on campus, before your appointment.  Once you are in the Drive-thru line, you cannot leave and return.

    • Mac with power adapter (& case, if provided) - (please back-up any desired data, before appt.)
    • iPad with charger & case- (please back-up any desired data, sign-out of iTunes & iCloud, and if set-up, remove the passcode before appt.)
    • Dongle (Please do not give your dongle to your campus IMS/IMA)
    • Badge

    Other Notes

    If you need assistance with backing-up your data on your laptop/iPad.  Also, signing out of iTunes and iCloud, and if set-up, removing the passcode on your iPad, please submit a work order here:

    Items will be subject to inspection for damage. Repair costs and failure to return devices will be deducted from employee’s paycheck, if necessary. 

    Please review cost breakdown below:

    Cost Breakdown Repairs & Replacements

    MacBook Air Replacement $1,032.00
    iPad Pro Replacement $878.00
    iPad - 5 Gen $378.00
    MacBook - Power Adapter $73.00
    iPad - Power Adapter $17.50
    iPad - Lightning to USB cable $17.50
    iPad - Power Adapter & Lightning Cable $35.00
    VGA Replacement $27.00
    iPad - Targus Case $27.00

    Also, any missing accessories:

    • Mac Power Adapter (45W) - MD592LL/A
    • iPad Power Adapter - MD836LL/A
    • iPad Lightning to USB - MQUE2AM/A
    • StarTech VGA dongle – Part# MDP2VGA or Apple Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter MB572Z/B (either will suffice)
    • Targus iPad Case - THD135GLZ 

    can be purchased at your local electronics store or online before your appointment but must be OEM Apple-branded products. Third party brands will not be accepted. 

    If you have any questions, please contact the Helpdesk via e-mail at (please include your employee number) or phone at 972.237.5413. 

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  • Device Return Location: EdCenter (2602 S. Belt Line Road, Grand Prairie, TX - click to open map)

    drop off map

    Thank You, 

    GPISD - Helpdesk


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  • What Am I Responsible for Returning?

    Laptops: MacBook with charger (power adapter).  Also, case if provided.

    Mac & (case, if provided):

     Mac case

    Mac Power Adapter:

     Power Adapter






    Power Adapter:

    Power Adapter

    iPad Lightning to USB cable:


    iPad Case:


     Targus case


    Accessories: VGA Adapter (dongle)

    apple                                 Dellvga

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Device Return End Of Year FAQ's

  • How can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

  • Can I mail-in my devices & accessories?

  • I am not returning to GPISD. Am I required to return my device?

  • Can my team lead drop off all of our groups devices?

  • Can I return my device before the drop off dates?

  • I've lost/damaged my device.

  • Can I allow someone to repair my damaged device?

  • Will I be charged if I decorated my devices with stickers or decals?

  • How do I backup my pictures from my iPad?

  • How do I find my purchased apps?

  • Do I need to sign out of iTunes and iCloud?

  • Can I leave my device over the summer in my classroom?

  • I disagree with what I am being charged for. Whom should I contact to escalate my concerns?

  • What if I only want to turn in one of my devices?

  • I have my personal software on my laptop. How do I reinstall it on another device?

  • I purchased my own cables/case, can I keep them?

  • I lost my adapter and purchased a replacement, can I turn the new one in to avoid charges?

  • Can I turn in my badge if I am not returning at the time I return my device(s)?